Where to connect

You can connect to SmartHub – IX directly at SmartHub Datacenter located in Fujairah.

SmartHub Internet Exchange (SH IX).

  • Sited in Fujairah, SmartHub IX interconnects global networks, content providers and eyeball networks to offers a world class infrastructure and environment to clients seeking to broaden their exposure and growth into new productive and emerging global arena.

  • Designed to handle significant end-user traffic for cost-effective seamless Internet communication, SmartHub IX works towards providing a resilient, redundant and robust network with efficient engineering support.

  • SmartHub IX offers public peering platform for its members, accentuating a significant performance through state of art network coupled with high speed terrestrial and submarine cables.

  • SH IX facilitates bilateral peering arrangements with regional, telecoms, ISP’s and renowned content providers for traffic localization.

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