SmartHub IX

One of the major IX hub, SmartHub IX is at the core of the internet for the region.

Offering Advanced internet exhange solutions

One of the major IX hub, SmartHub IX is at the core of the internet for the regions.

Built on a fully redundant switching platform located in high-class secure SmartHub Data Centers in UAE, the SmartHub IX ecosystem dramatically improves IP network resilience, routing efficiency and the quality of the Internet experience for end-users.

Connecting to SmartHub IX enables clients such as internet service providers, telecom operators, cloud providers, content provider and CDNs to route their global IP traffic with agility whilst passing on the seamless engaging online experiences to their end-users with improved latency.

Connecting with Smart Hub IX ecosystem means:

  • Entering a whole interconnection ecosystem
  • Experiencing comprehensive internet exchange services
  • Empowerment to regional and global clients to access and exchange internet content
  • Getting closer to the regional customers
  • Multiple services on one access
  • Connect to multiple ASNs on one access
  • Access can be ordered independently
  • Convenient pricing according to location and bandwidth


  • Global availability Consistent peering platform available in markets
  • Rich ecosystem Discover, connect and establish peering arrangements with networks, cloud & IT service providers and thousands of enterprises
  • Aggregate traffic to multiple peers on one physical port; handle multiple small peers while moving high traffic peers to private interconnections
  • Reduce network hops and congestion for end users of your content and applications
  • Control: Create and manage your connections on demand through a globally consistent portal
  • Aggregate thousands of peering sessions onto a single hardware platform further reducing the need for IP transit
  • View detailed reports and monitor network performance across peering locations through the SmartHub IX portal
  • Remote peering with UAE-IX and Manama-IX

Mobile Peering with SmartHub IPX

Mobile Peering is an open interconnecting solution that allows mobile providers and others to securely peer their global roaming data. This way, they can offer their customers added value in a cost-effective way

SmartHub IPX is the largest mobile peering exchange point in the region. The internet connection on your laptop is the same as the one you use for calling or streaming on your smartphone. Essentially, that is true. However, when you dial a number or start a stream on your smartphone, it might take a different route. Chances are that your call or stream goes over the SmartHub Mobile Peering platform. Let's take a closer look at that.

The concept of peering is settlement-free exchange of internet traffic between networks. This also applies to Mobile Network Operators (MNO's) who handle the traffic of your smartphone. Above those is a third layer: the Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) providers, who want to work the same way.

SmartHub IPX platform connects these IPX providers and their respective customers (MNO's) to each other, enabling them to exchange traffic with each other. The service level agreements connected to the ports they use will ensure quality as well as compliance with the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) requirements.

Benefits of Mobile Peering @ SmartHub IPX

Increased Network Redundancy
Reduced Latency
High Quality Platform adheres to the highest tech standards
Live Monitoring
24/7 support